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catwoman77666's Journal

Crystal Matthews
16 February
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alice in wonderland, animals, anime, antiracism, arizona youth, art, astronomy, batman, beatles, black and white film, bob marley, books, bright eyes, broadway, cameras, chai, chapstick, cheese, claire haider, coldplay, comfy clothes, comics, conan o'brien, cons, david bowie, daydreams, debenneville pines, devo, disco, donnie darko, donnie darko soundtrack, dr. seuss, energy, eric rosloff, evil dead, eye sex, faces, final fantasy games, fire, friends, garden burgers, gender studies, grizzly bears, guitar, haha, happiness, helter skelter, hot british accents, hot people, hot tea, hugs, incomplete sentences, incubus, invader zim, jesus action figures, jewish, kill bill, kisses, laughing, letters, life, lord of the rings, lotion, love, loving you, loving your mom, macaroni and cheese, massage, movies, music, nail polish, nightmare before christmas, not school, nudity, pants, peace, people, phoenix, photography, plays, poetry, pulp fiction, queen, radiohead, rain, reading, reading rainbow, rebecca leigh, rock n roll, rocky horror picture show, shakespeare, shit on this dollah', shoes, singing, ska, sleeping, sociology, song-writing, space, spirituality, star trek, star wars, stevie wonder, strength, sublime, superman, sushi, tea, tenacious d, the beatles, the doors, the legend of zelda, the little mermaid, the sex pistols, trader joe's, unitarian universalism, unitarian universalists, used records, uuism, vegitarianism, video games, vinyl, water, weezer, wild oats, william shakespeare, writing, you, your mom, your mother, yruu, yruu camps