Crystal Matthews (catwoman77666) wrote,
Crystal Matthews

Fall Term 2010

Today was my last day for this term... I had many kool classes:  Acting Fundamentals, Critical Reasoning and Writing, Social Psychology, Theory of Knowledge, and Hip Hop.  hehe.  After the intense week I had, writing my research paper for Social Psychology 'Spirituality in Healing,' writing a fun paper for CR+W about an advert about a fancy new trash can, and then doing my take-home test for Theory of Knowledge, it is nice to catch my breath and think about what I accomplished... One of the segments on my Theory of Knowledge take-home test kinda got me going... I think I went like 4 times over the word limit on this one...

6. a.  What facts-if any-do you think you know about God? (For example: the fact that God exists, the fact that God does not exist, the fact that God is against “same-sex marriage”, the fact that Jesus is God, the fact that Jesus is not God, the fact that “there is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is his messenger”, etc.)

            I think I know that:  God is a insightful non-physical entity composed of the spiritual energy/awareness/belief that all people posses; God loves all walks of life regardless of religious, mental, physical, or sexual orientation; God knows that people think differently, and in order to benefit each living thing as a unique individual, God must have many names and avenues to reach/connect to him/her/it; my concept of God is such that it will benefit me the most in this lifetime and no one will be able to convince me otherwise (as I accept all beliefs as their own path to God); and that God is Dog spelled backwards…  I have more, but they can wait.

   b.  If you think you know some facts about God, describe how you have discovered these facts. If you don’t think you know any facts about God, discuss: How COULD you discover facts about God? What mental states-if any-would discover facts about God to you?

            At the age of 6 or so, my mom started taking me to the Unitarian Universalist church, in a nutshell UUs believe that every person on this Earth as an individual has the right to search for truth and meaning in the world (no dogma).  So, since then I learn all I can from all the faith-filled people I know, and share my spiritual views (of overall acceptance) with my friends who are faithless.  However, when sharing my beliefs and faith with others I very rarely get attacked for my views and many faith-filled people love to hear what I have to say because it makes them see things in a new light.  And in the midst of intense spiritual and intellectual conversation a positive unexplainable sensation starts to form in my core (that I sometimes call the ‘warm-fuzzes’), and fluctuates depending on the level of focus on the conversation.  What I’ve gathered from all this, is that if God does indeed exist, they know my heart is pure, and sometimes the hand of God cannot reach those who have sunk so low out of faith, until someone like me (a religion-less believer) comes along and shares a spark of the spiritual radiance we all have in our hearts and the glow spreads.  It’s almost like the warm-fuzzes are this insightful non-physical entity’s way of saying thank you, for living and treating people positively.

Made me appreciate my views and my faith, and I hope some people out there appreciate reading this.  I see such a positive future and yet it is very difficult when negative shit brings you down.  But... Now is time for relaxation and Christmas Festivities.  Good times ahead.  Much Love. xox

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