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Drama: To be or not to be?

Romeo and Juliet is the fall show and I was cast as an ensemble member. The only senior in the ensemble. The other two seniors cast in ensemble roles quit. At rehearsal tonight they voted for drama council and I was one of the three seniors up for the co president positions. I didnt get it. And all it once it hit me that no matter how much I loved drama and hoped to get better at it Ill never be good. Whats to point of loving something when you dont feel your getting anything in return? Im still gonna do the show and hope for a better part in the musical, but I dont have any friends in drama and the only reason i do it is ... I dont even know. I dont feel it defines me. I just hope that in the future I will he recognized for it in some way. I guess its just right now i dont see any benifit for doing it.
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